Wheel Alignment Lincolnwood

We here at Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc. can perform 2 and 4 wheel alignments in Lincolnwood and surroundings. Along with inspecting your suspension and steering systems, checking your tire air pressure and the condition of those tires. We will compare your tire alignment to automobile manufacturer guidelines.

It’s very important that wheels be lined up correctly to keep suitable control of your car. Wheels that are out of position could cause driving to become difficult and in addition cause uneven wear on the tires. When your wheels are properly lined up, your car will offer a smoother ride.

In addition, wheel alignments as well as tire balancing and rotation will extend the life of your tires, and boost the safety of your vehicle. Increase your vehicle’s overall handling performance and fuel economy by keeping it properly aligned.

When is a good time to get a wheel alignment?
At the time brand-new tires are installed. It’s important to have your vehicle aligned to protect your new tire investment from premature wear.

  • If the steering wheel pulls to the left or right.
  • If the steering wheel is not straight when driving on a straight roadway.
  • If you have premature tire wear on the inside or outside of your tires and the tread is wearing unevenly.
  • If you have steering/suspension work performed such as tie rods, control arms, struts and rack
    and pinion.

Visit us to have our technicians provide you with a dependable wheel alignment in Lincolnwood. Call us at 847-475-3600 and arrange your next Wheel Alignment along with any other necessary auto repair services. Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc. is pleased to be your local auto repair center and provider of tires.
We provide Wheel Alignment in Lincolnwood and surrounding areas.