One thing all Evanston, Skokie, Rogers Park and other area drivers can do to extend the life of their battery is to keep it clean.  A greasy, dirty battery holds in damaging heat.  Same goes for removing corrosion from the terminals.  At Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc. we can help maintain your battery.

Allowing your battery to be deeply depleted – like from using your headlights when the engine is off – is very harmful to your battery.  Most automotive batteries can only take that about 10 times before they are ruined.

Also, making sure you have a full charge every month or so, extends battery life. Either an extended drive at freeway speeds around the Evanston area or using a battery charger will preserve your battery’s ability to hold a full charge.

If your battery is giving you trouble or just need it checked, give us a call.

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