Fuel Economy

Many Chicago area folks want to know how to improve gas mileage. At Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc., we help Evanston, Rogers Park, Skokie and surrounding areas keep their vehicles in prime condition which makes them more efficient fuel-wise. When your car works the way it was designed to, it means it uses less fuel,…


wiper blades

When people in Evanston, Rogers Park, Skokie and the surrounding area talk about vehicle safety, they think of tires and brakes. But do we think about our windshields? Isn’t the ability to see a prime safety factor when it comes to driving around Illinois? Yet we often don’t even notice our windshields until we can’t…


PCV Valve

Most Evanston drivers know something about preventive maintenance on a vehicle. We know we should routinely replace the oil and wiper blades and other fluids. But have you heard of a PCV valve ? This little car part needs to be replaced regularly or it can cause some serious problems in your vehicle engine. PCV…


Heater Core

You may have wondered where the warm air in your passenger compartment comes from. Well, as your engine starts to warm up, it also warms the coolant/antifreeze that circulates around the engine and through the radiator. There is also a hose that carries coolant/antifreeze from the engine to the heater core and another that takes…


Winter Car Prep

When winter approaches in Illinois, Evanston, Skokie and surrounding Chicagoland area residents break out the sweaters, coats, boots and mittens. We want to be ready for Illinois winter conditions. Your vehicle needs to be ready for winter as well. The last thing residents want is to get stranded out in the cold. You need your…


Automotive Diagnostics

Some Evanston vehicle owners wonder why Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc. and other Evanston auto repair shops charge a fee for vehicle diagnostics. Receiving a diagnostic charge at Doc Able’s Auto Clinic for a tricky automotive problem shouldn’t be a surprise. In the Evanston area, automotive diagnostics can cover quite a range. If you hear…


timing belt

The timing belt in your engine controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Evanston, Skokie, Wilmette, etc. drivers need to replace it on a schedule to avoid failure. Timing belts are very difficult to get to, requiring quite a bit of labor to access. Timing belt replacement is one of the…


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