I’m confused about when I should get my spark plugs replaced. What’s the deal?

Answer from Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc.:
Well it can be confusing for Evanston drivers because there are several types of spark plugs and some last longer than others. Your owner’s manual will have a recommendation for when your spark plugs should be changed.

Here’s a little background from Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc.. Spark plugs are in the combustion chamber of your engine. They send a little spark between two electrodes at the end of the spark plug which ignites the gasoline. This little spark goes off thousands of times a minute. Over the kilometers, the electrodes on standard grade spark plugs wear away increasing the gap between them. When that happens, the spark isn’t as strong and the fuel doesn’t burn as well.

As I mentioned above, there are several types or grades of spark plugs. The standard grade is copper core. They are great for quick starts.

Single platinum spark plugs use platinum on one of the electrodes. These typically have improved ignitability and performance. Double platinum plugs use platinum on both electrodes. This virtually eliminates gap erosion.

Then there are the plugs that use iridium in their electrodes. They are very durable and give premium performance and improved .

Now it’s important that Evanston drivers always use at least the grade of spark plug that originally came on their vehicle. This makes sure that your spark plugs are up to delivering the performance and your vehicle was designed for. Of course, you may upgrade your spark plugs for better durability and performance. Talk with you friendly and knowledgeable Doc Able’s Auto Clinic, Inc. service advisor about how you want your vehicle to perform and let him help you the spark plug that best suits your needs.

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